VFX Show Reel

Daily Planet

ACME Digital Pictures and “Alien Mysteries” was featured on Daily Planet, Discovery Channels current affairs show. Terry Riyasat (ACME’s VFX Supervisor) breaks down the magic behind creating the extremely high volume of visual effects (over 130 minutes over 6 episodes!) for this groundbreaking television series.

Alien Mysteries

ACME Digital Pictures produced over 900 shots in less than 6 months for Discovery Canada’s “Alien Mysteries” The shots were comprised of a myriad of effects from digital backgrounds for talent shot on green screen/space ships/scientific graphics/space, and of course Aliens.

Dark Matters: Season 1

Wide Eyed Entertainment (UK) came to us with a simple question — could we do 140 minutes of Visual Effects for a show that told 3 unrelated bizarre science stories per episode and was entirely shot on green screen? And then could we believably create 18 different periods and locations throughout history where everything is animated except for what the actors touched? And by the way, could we also add a bunch of character animation? a digital monkey? All in 5 months?

We said YES!

Dark Matters: Season 2 & 3

With the overwhelming success of season 1, Discovery Science|US doubled its order and added seasons 2 and 3.